Creative Fusion Media: Our principles and your bottom line.

I recently made a list of the 12 core concepts that make Creative Fusion Media the best firm to handle your web content and web 2.0 marketing needs. I’ve decided to focus that list on three core concepts which make up the DNA of Creative Fusion Media:

Hyper-white Search Engine Optimization | SEO. Organic and authentic blogging and link building. We provide the best in ethical search engine optimization. Its the only way we know how to do business.

Sustainable link building. We teach you to quickly and easily search engine optimize your content so that you end up at the top of search engine results for targeted keyterms. No need to hire an over priced search engine optimization (seo) firm at $10,000 to $30,000 a year. We charge about 1/10th of that. How’s that for value and return on investment?

Customized to fit your organization, market, and customers. Your needs are always at the forefront of our concerns.

Our training services include reputation management, online blogger relations, corporate blogging, social media marketing, maximizing web 2.0, audience adaptation, market analysis, branding, and specific content consultation. We have customized solutions to meet your own personal needs.

Whether you are an organization of one, one hundred, or even a thousand or more we can help you and your web content needs in a Web 2.0 world. We believe these are the principles that make us special and different than any other SEO or social media marketing firm on the plantet. And we firmly believe that these are the reasons that we are far and above your best choice for your search engine optimization and social media marketing needs in your effort to connect with your customers in the online environment.

Building Better Relationships. Authentic Branding. Connecting and communicating with your core communities and customers online.

What does your organization need? How can be of service to you?

If you would like to know more about our search engine optimization training or social media consulting services just click through. If you would like to contact us, leave a comment or call us at (615) 828-5585. Whether you are a local small business or a member of the Fortune 500, we look forward to helping you resolve your web communication and marketing concerns.


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