H & R Block Case Study in Ad Age: Social Media Marketing is Effective

Ad Age reports:

The recent social-media blitz to market H&R Block’s digital tax solution produced a 171% lift in internet ad awareness among the targeted audience and an overall brand awareness lift of 52%. H&R Block devoted about 0.5%* of its total marketing budget to the effort.

The article continues:

[Said] Sean Howard, director of strategy and innovation, Lift Communications, and author of the blog Craphammer.ca: Asking whether brands should embrace social media is “like asking should a brand engage in digital — and I hope we’re beyond that.”

Megan McIllroy also explains there are 7 keys to success in social media marketing:

Be entertaining
Be useful
Advertising is a tricky, but sometimes necessary, tactic
Try personas to spice up a MySpace page
Use Twitter for more personal interactions with customers
It’s OK to veer from ‘the big idea’

And finally, McIllroy suggests that you may need do away with functional silos in the organization, or in other workds to kill the business card.



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