Consumer Relationship Management via Social Media and Social Networking

Small Business Trends highlights some great notions about consumer relationship management (CRM):

But what we understand more than anything is a need to leverage the web to find more leads, and to let the web help us quickly determine good leads from dead ends. More importantly we need to create a Web presence that makes it as easy as possible for those who could use our services to find us.

This means creating a customer profile that helps us identify key pieces of information, helping to determine good customers from bad ones. Then reaching out to those customers to find out what’s on their minds, what social networks (if any) they frequent, what topics are important to them, and how they like getting information.

Chances are, if a good number of our customers spend a decent amount of time on Facebook, we can increase our opportunities to engage others like them by building a Facebook presence. Or if we find many of our customers are on Twitter, it might help us increase opportunities to touch base with them by following their tweets. Maybe just knowing their favorite blogs or podcasts will give us insight that could lead to more opportunities to reach more like them.

Social CRM adds a whole new dimension to the traditional view of customer relationship management. The focus is undoubtedly on people and not technology. It’s about joining the ongoing conversations our customers and prospects are already engaged in — not trying to control them.

If you want to get started with better consumer relationship management, you probably want to start listening to blogs and dive into blogging. The next step is building a community with social media and web 2.0 tools.

About the Author: Nathan Ketsdever is a professional search engine optimization strategist and business blog coach from Nashville, TN.


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