The Best Ten Free SEO Keyword Tools and Resources and Fundamentals of Ethical SEO Strategy

Getting Started with the Fundamentals of Ethical Search Engine Optimization:

Strategically picking keywords a fundamental part of successful search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. Here are some great free keyword search tools for website and blog search engine marketing:

Google Keywords Tool

Quintura Keywords Tool

Wordtracker Keyword Tool (free and paid options)

Keyword Questions tool by Wordtracker is a great way to leverage long tail keywords and search phrases.

Post Rank to gauge community engagement on your blog. This can provide great insight into which posts should be updated.

Free Keyword Tool by Aaron Wall of SEO Book

Spy Fu (this tool has transformed and isn’t quite as cool)

• Bruce Clay’s Search Engine Optimization Toolset

• SEO Chat’s Search Engine Optimization Toolset.

SEO Toolset (free and paid options)

BONUS SEO Tool: Linkdiagnosis is great for checking backlinks in Yahoo.

Hittail is a fantastic way to find long tail keywords and low hanging fruit in terms of keywords you rank for (its now $10 per month or $100 per year) They offer a 60 day trial to check it out.

Moving from Keywords to More Advanced Search Engine Optimization Campaign Management:

We can help you use these tools to maximize your search engine optimization and other search engine marketing efforts. The next steps in search engine optimization include:

Ethical SEO Multiplier: Business Blog and Social Media Content Strategy:

• Devising an overall content strategy, which will likely include launching a blog
• Creating content that leverages your SEO and SEM keywords
• Creating a content strategy that captures your brand message and your personal strengths and passions.

Website Metrics: Listening and Maximizing Your Return on Investment

• Web metrics tracking, to understand how users are interacting with your website
• Listening to your web metrics and devising an ethical SEO and SEM strategy
• Looking at who is linking to your competitors
• Finding out who is linking to you
• Discovering who is talking about your competitors in the blogopsphere
• Investigating who is talking about you in the blogosphere

Springboards to Other Market Advantages:

• Investigating the options that Web 2.0 and social media platforms offer you for your ethical web strategy
• Matching your web strategy to your overall brand
• And ultimately, connecting with your customer online

The search engine world is both technical and complex if you don’t understand it, but far easier if you understand how search engines work and the unique culture of Gen X and Gen Y online. If you have questions about what this means or how to move to the next step and beyond, we would be glad to help you with your white hat seo training, ethical seo campaign management, or any other small business SEO needs. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at (615) 594-2095


4 responses to “The Best Ten Free SEO Keyword Tools and Resources and Fundamentals of Ethical SEO Strategy

  1. Another great keyword research tool for website and blog search engine marketing is KeywordSpy.

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  3. Two paid SEO tools worth attention
    2) Market Samurai

  4. This requires a free sign up to SEO Moz (at time of me publishing this).
    Its a backlink checker & helps you evaluate the links. It is limited to the top 1000 links, which is pretty decent for those getting started.

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