Search Engine Optimization Tactics for Successful Marketing and Web Traffic

Tips for Search Engine Optimization 101: Finding Out What Google Can Do For You:

A successful search engine optimization campaign will likely include several of the following best nine tactics to implement the campaign management:

• Strategic and targeted linkbuilding
• Strategic URL acquisition
• Search engine directory submission
• Blog content strategy
• Maximize the opportunities of social networking and Web 2.0 technologies via social media optimization (SMO)
• Analytics Reporting with Technorati, Google, and other analytics tools.
Search engine marketing (SEM) via pay per click (PPC) advertising management with Google, MSN Live, and Yahoo to jump start your campaign
• Strategic landing pages to greet your customers
• Online blogger relations

Where Its 2008. Its time to make your users happy. Its time to make it easy to find you on search engines. Its time to start a genuine online conversation. That means fusing search engine optimization with social media optimization.

Your customers are spending time online. They are searching for answers to their problems and economic decisions in Google. They are on Facebook. They’re on YouTube. And, they are reading blogs for fun and for human connection and conversation.

So, now the ball or rather the question is in your court. Are you ready to actually talk to them online? Are you ready to start a two-way conversation about how they feel about your product? Your service? And your brand?


2 responses to “Search Engine Optimization Tactics for Successful Marketing and Web Traffic

  1. I believe haveing some pwoerful SEO plugins like ALLinONESEO is a must and simple-tags plugin, it makes a bloggers life so much easier and the control you get is worth its weight in gold 😉

  2. refercustomers

    Wolf you are right that some of the plugins out there make life a lot easier when it comes to optimizing your site. I’m not sure about sites or owners that don’t use WordPress. It seems to offer the best advantage.

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