Create Extraordinary Content

A recent article by Aaron Wall has a great checklist networking like a pro and creating content that gets noticed and linked to:

• Social interaction of any type leads to links. Speak at a conference? Someone will likely blog about it.
• Want to get thought leaders to promote your site? Create a community project or contest and ask them to participate. Or give out awards.
• Lack the budget needed to go to conferences? Moderate forums, comment on related blogs, and build social relationships.

But for people to take you credibly you need to make sure your website adheres to good web credibility standards.
• Is your domain name memorable?
• Does your design complement your copy?
• Is your content interesting and conceptually unique?
• Does your site have an editorial component and voice, or is it a boring low-value thin product database?
• Is your about page memorable? Is your site easy to use and understand?
• Do you have a brand people care about?

You do not need to “have it all” to get started, but the more credible you look the faster you will gain momentum.

The Cluetrain Manifesto stated that markets are conversations. Blogs are the leading medium upon which those conversations happen.

How can you implement the above suggestions? Have any other suggestions?


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