Gartner Identifies Top Ten Disruptive Technologies for 2008 to 2012

Gartner’s list of Top Ten disruptive technologies includes:

Web mashups
– Allow you to take the best applications on the web and mashup the best parts to make the ultimate application. The simplest form involves integrating a mapping solutions like Yahoo Maps and a company website.

User Interface
– Apple, Microsoft and others are working hard to revolutionize the user interface with products like the iPhone and Microsoft Surface.

– The hope that one day your favorite search engine will be able to take your search terms in the form of a question and give you an accurate answer.

Social networks and social software
– Social applications like Facebook and Twitter are transforming the way we work and play.

Contextual computing
– As simple as basing behavior on the time of day or your location, contextual computer will make your computer smart enough to know where you are and what you are likely to need at that time. Example, 9am on a Sunday morning in Starbucks will likely mean that you will want to look at the news and check your person mail while listing to music.


3 responses to “Gartner Identifies Top Ten Disruptive Technologies for 2008 to 2012

  1. Great Post !!! A Question though, why is the disruption focused on the internet / software only?

  2. Can you please provide the link to the ” video of a book reading/Meet and Greet in England in which Andersen just got schooled”.

  3. I wish I could find it…sorry. Its been a year since I found it.

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