How new media effected the Hillary Clinton loss to Barack Obama in Election 2008

The Role of Social Media in Election 2008
From Facebook and YouTube to Flickr and Twitter, social media played a huge role in the historic election of Barack Obama to the next president of the United States.

So Will Social Media Effect Future Elections and Campaigns?
If this election is any guide, social media marketing and campaigns are here to stay as a way to galvanize donors, awareness, and passionistas. The Obama campaign maximized the role of social media at every touch point with potential young voters.
The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

What hurt Clinton most, political analysts say, is that she couldn’t consistently use the newfound ubiquity of video to soften her image with voters. Or, as George Washington University Professor and new-media analyst Michael Cornfeld said, “It’s like the Clintons, both of them, had sort of a ‘Sunset Boulevard’ thing going on. They were silent screen stars who couldn’t make the transition to talkies.”

Conquering video in the digital age has less to do with being telegenic or smart, as both Clintons are. Being a politician in the YouTube era means being comfortable with giving up control of your message and realizing that everything you say or do can be uploaded within minutes for the whole world to see – and then mashed up into something new.

Video is the media currency of the millions of young Americans who voted in the primary season this year, many for the first time. Stories told through video percolated to traditional media from blogs and online advocacy sites…


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