Small Business Blogging: 10 Reasons Why Its Essential to Business Growth

Check out Bootstrapping blog’s “Small Business Blogging: 10 Reasons Why Its Essential to Business Growth”:

Business to Business Networking – If you’re a blog design company, you can network with a website hosting company to get deals for your clients. If you’re a pet supply company, try networking with an animal shelter to showcase your products in their shelter for families who are taking animals home. Blogging is a great way to spark up that conversation and building your businesses network on a daily basis.

Holding Yourself Accountable – When you blog, it’s essentially you keeping track of your thoughts, things you learn and various other bits of information. Keeping a log in a spiral notebook can do the same thing, but at the same time, it’s not on the web Post an article about something you HAVE to do, and watch how knowing that others are reading it forces you to act on it and complete your goals.

Expanding Your Knowledge – Lets face it; writing 1-2 articles per day is hard for most people (unless you’re small business revolves around copywriting). You’ve got to study and learn in order to know what you’re talking about, so by blogging you are expanding your knowledge. I read blogs every day in order to get new ideas for blog posts or just to expand my small business and marketing knowledge.

Added Exposure – You might have a billboard in your city, but do 1,000 people subscribe to your blog and get updates every time you write a new article? Expose yourself to an entirely new world. I was recently talking to Derek from Click Consultants about how “internet life” and “real life” are two different things entirely. Make use of it and expose yourself to the “new world”.

One Step Ahead of Competition – I talked about this before but didn’t touch on small business blogging to stay one step ahead of your competition. How many pet supply companies blog? How many locksmiths blog? If you’re blogging and your competitors are not, you’re one step ahead, because lets be honest; blogging is the future.

Search Engines Love It – Why should a small business owner care about a search engine? Well, if you’re wanting the people who are searching there to find your website, you should care. If someone searches for your company name, or the topic of your company, wouldn’t you say it would be in your best interest to make sure you’re #1 for that search word? Exactly! Plus, if someone searches for “Knoxville Locksmith” you can make sure you’re #1 for that too. Search engines love blogs and will rank blogs higher then most websites. Our website is in the top 5 right now in google for “Bootstrapping” while others below us are full blown websites.

Here are the other 4 reasons.


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