Marketing Guru Seth Godin on The Newest Models for Business Innovation and Web 2.0

Seth Godin initially points out the radical difference between the old model and the new model of business organizations (Organization 2.0 if you will):

Here’s what we used to do:

Create —> Edit —> Launch

Here’s what happens now:

Create —> Launch —> Edit —> Launch —> repeat

Seth says Wikipedia, his blog, and Squiddo follow this model. He continues:

Organizations that make the same mistakes every day (hidebound ones, rulebook based ones, airlines) rarely get to layer. They don’t grow and improve, because they’re not organized to do so.

And thus the challenge. We live in a layered world now. Those that plan and plan and then launch are always going to be at a disadvantage to the layerers.

Organizations that fail to integrate layering and attempting new business models in the new business terrain will stagnate and ultimately die on the vine. Which option will you choose?


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