New York Times: Linked In = Business Networking Success

Networking 2.0 Arrives for Creating and Nurturing Business Contacts with Linked In:

The world is increasingly becoming more flat due to digital technologies and social networking.  Business social networking sites like Linked In and personal networking sites like Facebook allow consultants, freelancers, and business people of all shapes and sizes to build an online network.  The New York Times reports:

“We want to create a broad and critical business tool that is used by tens of millions of business professionals every day to make them better at what they do,” Mr. Nye said.

The average age of a LinkedIn user is 41, the point in life where people are less likely to build their digital identities around dates, parties and photos of revelry.

LinkedIn gives professionals, even the most hopeless wallflower, a painless way to follow the advice of every career counselor: build a network. Users maintain online résumés, establish links with colleagues and business acquaintances and then expand their networks to the contacts of their contacts. The service also helps them search for experts who can help them solve daily business problems.

The question becomes….how to strategically use Linked In and other business social networking tools? How can Linked In work for you?

Bonus Resource: 101 Smart Ways to Use Linked In For Business

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