Coping with Information Overload: Why You Need a Targeted Information Diet

Information Management: Maximizing Signal and Noise:

Do you ever get that, “My brain is about to EXPLODE” feeling that Gary Larson so aptly captured in one of his more famous Far Side comics? Its probably never been more true than it is today in our robust information age.

Information is coming at us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days, and often all turned up to volume 11. Creating an information management program is imperative to your focus, productivity, and ultimately your personal and professional success.

The ability to filter the information overload is increasingly going to be in demand as this information tsunami assaults our collective brains and lives.

Five key ways to manage this information (over)flow easier are:

1) When Google fails target for searches. Get more signal and less noise.
2) Use Jott to keep your clients or coworkers up to date.
3) Stay organized with 43 Folders tools.
4) Stay motivated with Zen Habits.
5) Use an RSS Reader to stay up to date (as Steve Rubel of Edleman says “Its Tivo for the Web”)

Do you have a great tip or post for maintaining a manageable information diet?


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