Ethical SEO: The Urgent Imperative for White Hat Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Optimization

Black Hat and Grey Hat SEOs Beware: White Hat and Ethical SEO is the Only Responsible Option:

Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Optimization require responsibility and principled execution. Steve Rubel, a PR representative for Edleman points out:

Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals of late seem poised to take over blogs, digg, StumbleUpon and other sites with a range of tactics, some legit, others more questionable with the intent of building Google Juice and nothing more.

Steve is 100% right. Search engine optimization needs to be guided by higher principles, as any method of marketing, including Steve’s own public relations firm.

This is not rocket science. You don’t want to hire black hat SEO/SEM/SMO manipulators, spammers, and snake oil sales people. Brands that carelessly hire black hat and other unethical seos will be forced to pay the consequences, when online backlashes cause brand damage. Thats why ethical and responsible search engine optimization is a fundamental part of our DNA and code of conduct at Creative Fusion Media.

Google blacklists black hat tactics, which more than negate any positive gain. But even if your unethical marketing practices, in SEO or PR or any field for that matter, fail to see the light of day, we heartily believe that it degrades the community and its just bad business.

A take no prisoners, by any and all means marketing assault will alienate and only deliver delerium to your customers, your brand, and the human community. Ethically guided marketing. Ethically principled business is the way to go.



Nathan Ketsdever is a New Media Coach and Consultant in Nashville


2 responses to “Ethical SEO: The Urgent Imperative for White Hat Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Optimization

  1. I think white hat methods + creative link bait is the most efficient long term model for business promotion, but I don’t discount gray hat SEO.

    There are gray hat methods that aren’t “wrong”, but just against Google’s terms. The definitions of white hat & gray hat change as Google changes their terms. SEO is constantly changing and so are the shades of different practices.

    When I work on other sites, I keep it 100% white hat. I learn black hat stuff though, because I feel that its important to understand your competition’s methods.

  2. I tend to use Google as a baseline for ethical white hat SEO. Howcver, I don’t agree with 100% of what Google says. For instance, I believe that there may be some legitimate and ethical value from the short and very strategic term use of paid text links.

    I think there are other ethical seo limits. I’m not a huge fan of the use of fake identities by some white hat seos. Its one thing to set up a profile, but quite another to create a fake bio. To me thats unethical marketing.

    I don’t see the value in learning black hat. To me thats like me trying to learn to smoke crack. I would rather focus on my real competition–other white hat SEOs.

    The shades of different practice is just a call to do your best. The fact that the ethics of interacting online is in a state of flux–in the same way that ethics in broadcasting was in flux when it began as a media outlet–does not negate the fact that ethics in communication is extremely, extremely important to what we think of and how we treat our fellow human beings.

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