Link building for Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Small Business Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Strategy:

One of the great advantages of search engine optimization for small business is that it allows local niche businesses to market to their target audience very easily and at a low cost. In addition, they get to market to them at a time when they are searching for product information, reviews, or perhaps someone to buy from. SEOmoz has a great explanation of linkbuilding for local seo. Here is a list of 16 questions to ask yourself or your client that help shape your online strategy:


What regulatory bodies monitor your industry?

What business groups do you belong to?

Who refers business to you?

Who do you refer business to?

Do you know your regular clients or customers?

Who provides complementary services to you?

Who are the key manufacturers that you deal with?

Who are your key suppliers?

Do you know any contemporaries that you don’t compete with because they are in a different geographical location?


Do any of your relatives and friends run businesses?

What professional groups do you belong to?

What local businesses do you have more than casual acquaintances with?

Are there any websites that you visit frequently as a contributor?

Are there any hobbies or activities that you excel in or are known for?

Do you belong to any community projects or do any charity work?

Do you have a web profile anywhere?

Nathan Ketsdever is a Nashville New Media Marketing and Business Blog Consultant


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