Double your productivity online via blogging and social media

What’s the Value of YOUR Time:

As I was driving home from picking up dinner, I was contemplating the issue of workplace productivity, particularly in the case of social media and business blogging.

How much do you spend or plan to spend blogging each week? 30 minutes? An hour? More?
How much do you want that time to be PRODUCTIVE?

What is an hour of your time worth to you? For an estimate, if you’re time is worth $25 or more an hour to you….here are some eye opening statistics:

Over One Year:

.5 hour * 52 weeks * $25 per hour= $650
1.5 hours * 52 weeks * $25 per hour= $1,950
2.5 hours * 52 weeks * $25 per hour= $3,250
5 hours * 52 weeks * $25 per hour= $6,500

Over Two Years:

.5 hour * 104 weeks * $25 per hour = $1,300
1.5 hours * 104 weeks * $25 per hour = $3,900
2.5 hours * 104 weeks * $25 per hour = $6,500
5 hours * 105 weeks * $25 per hour = $13,000

What does all this mean for you?

Plug in your own value you attach to your time and find out what your time blogging is worth? Doesn’t it make sense to invest in making that time effective and productive as it can be? Doesn’t the success of your business and each your family members deserve that? Don’t you deserve that? Does it make sense to have someone help you guide you along the process to maximize the fruits of your labor?

At the end of the day you only get one life. Its perhaps our most precious material resource. Why not get it right the first time?

One way to do that is with proven social media and business blogging best practices


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