55 Blog Topics for Marketers and Public Relations Professionals

Fifty blog topics for marketers from Chris Brogan:

1) How to get the most from our customer service department.
2) The best way to recommend an improvement to our product or service.
3) Podcast – complete installation instructions in audio and video.
4) What would you like to see in next year’s catalog?
5) Our favorite projects over the coming months.
6) Some tricks that might keep you from needing support.
7) Upcoming coupons and offers for the next two weeks.
8| We want to talk. How should we contact you? Where?
9) Choose our product’s price.
10) Five tips for getting more from your ______ .

11) A little bit about us.
12) A walk in our neighborhood.
13) Photos from our community meetup.
14) What goes into our decision process.
15) Video – a tour of the plant, and a day in the life of your product.
16) What it’s like to work for our company.
17) We support these causes, and here’s why.
18| The next two years: how we grow with you.
19) We want to come to work with you (and learn how we can help)!
20) Giving back to the community: our plan.

I would also add five more to the list:

21) A great customer experience I had with a local business person.
22) Fun pictures from the local fair, music event, or art showing.
23) Important, unique, and relevant local news.
24) An inspiring quote or narrative. Or perhaps apiece of media from a local or national unsung hero.
(I really like this post about Randy Pausch by Dave Armano)
25) Ask an expert feature–with a personal and local flair.

To see 30 more visit Chris Brogan.


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