Customer Experience Matters: Five Tactics for Better Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty, Business Branding, and Walt Disney:

Customer Experience Matters is a good and educational read. A recent post was particularly compelling and inspiring for businesses aiming at better customer loyalty and branding. For instance Walt Disney once said:

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.

Here are some implications of this law:

Don’t under-spend on training. You can’t just change some business rules and processes and hope that customers will be treated better. Just about any change to customer experience requires some employees to change what they do and how they do it. So don’t skimp on the training effort.

Make it easy to do the right thing. If it’s hard for employees to do something, then they are less likely to do it — and more likely to get frustrated. That’s why enabling technologies need to be designed for employees to easily accomplish tasks that help customers.

Communicate, communicate, communicate. If you want to have employees feel like they’re a part of something, then you need to tell them what’s going on. So develop a robust communications plan that not only tells employees what the company is doing, but also explains why you’re doing it. And it helps if you sincerely solicit feedback!

Find ways to celebrate. If employees do things that help customers, then find a way to celebrate those actions. These celebrations can take many different forms: a handwritten note from the president, acknowledgement in a company newsletter, or an on-the-spot bonus. Look for opportunities to catch people doing the right thing.

Measure employee engagement. Firms need to put the same rigor in monitoring employee relationships that they do in monitoring customer relationships. So they need to develop a relationship tracking measure like “likelihood to recommend as a place to work” that is used to gauge progress and to identify corrective measures.

The bottom line: Customer experience depends on employee experience.

You can read his 6 Laws of Customer Loyalty here.

How can you do a better job of creating a better customer experience and of making customers feel less like numbers?

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2 responses to “Customer Experience Matters: Five Tactics for Better Customer Loyalty

  1. richmclafferty

    Totally agree with you! I used to head up Customer & Employee Experience at Boost Mobile (the prepaid cell phone division for Sprint Nextel).

    I focused on those very things, and would add a few more.

    A lot of our success was due to our original training program that focused everyone (including the call center employees) on our brand, and brand promise. We helped people understand how to deliver the brand promise in their everyday work.

    We also taught them about the business — how the company made and spent money so they would be on constant watch for ways to save money, and possible revenue opportunities — and it worked.

    Those two things helped employees feel more a part of the business, which really help their overall experience.

  2. Exceptional Advice!!!

    I am definitely looking to add employees to “spread the work load” and this is a great post to keep in mind as I begin!!!


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