A Guide to Outsourcing link development and search engine optimization

The Definitive Guide to Finding and Hiring Linkbuilding and Search Engine Optimization

I just ran across a fabulous interview with Sugar Rae which has an assortment of great questions to consider when finding a link builder or search engine marketing firm to outsource to:

• How do they develop links?
• Do they use any automated software programs?
• What link types do they produce (one way links, reciprocals, etc.)?
• Do they own any networks or groups of sites on which they plan to place your link?
• How do they assess various sites’ potential to be link partners? Which factors are considered?
• How well do their link developers read and speak English?
• What training is provided to their link developers?

Then she suggests five core rubrics for judging a campaign’s effectiveness:

1. The number of links they actually build

2. The number of links they request (i.e. the number of requests they have sent out for the month)

3. The types of links they’re obtaining (reciprocals vs. article submissions vs. pure one-way links)

4. The quality of the links they’re obtaining (the linked page’s pagerank, the number of links on the inbound links page, the anchor text being used, the value of the domain from which the link originates)

5. The retention of acquired links (you can measure the rate of growth of your backlinks as a whole from month to month; if you have more than one developer working on the same site, you might spot-check their links to get an idea of their individual retention rates)

Thoughts? Additions? Subtractions?


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