21 Ways to Market Your Business on Twitter

Social Media Marketing Fundamentals for Enterprise on Twitter:

One of the most recent is the rise of micro-blogging with platforms like Twitter. Here are 21 Ways to Market Your Business on Twitter from the Web Community Forum. I’ve included the first 11 here:

1) Craft an appropriate Twitter Policy, and encourage your employees to sign up for accounts on Twitter.
2) As the owner of your business, register your @companyname and use it for all your tweets.
3) Use Twitter Search to find and respond to tweets about your products or your brand.
4) Ask for feedback on your products and then follow up with the responses you get.
5) Go to any nearby tweetups you can find.
6) Upload your company logo as your Twitter icon.
7) Identify a challenge that your business faces internally, and ask people on Twitter for their suggestions. You will earn mindshare.
8] Create a Twitter Bot for a topic related to your business. Use a name that includes your brand.
9) Install Twitter Tools on your WordPress blog so that you automatically tweet when you make a new blog post.
10) If you create a company-branded Twitter account in addition to simply having employees on Twitter, make sure there is a real human behind it having real conversations with other people on Twitter.
11) Understand the Twitter Myths and avoid falling into their traps (don’t be boring!).

You can see the other going to the Web Community Forum. These Twitter engagement by big corporate brands case studies are quite useful for practical tips. I also recommend checking out the Enterprise Micro-sharing White paper at Pistachio Consulting.

Applying Micro-sharing, Micro-blogging, and Twitter in Your Business
If you want to set up your own Twitter clone for internal or external communication, here are some great options to check out. Enjoy!

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4 responses to “21 Ways to Market Your Business on Twitter

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  2. Twitter should be taken seriously and this site is no longer just a site to meet friends, but a site to gain new business contacts.

  3. Great post on setting a policy and not leaving your Twittering unchecked.

    Companies like Dell effectively use it, having generated a million in new sales in 18 months directly related to Twitter.

    Zappo’s is another example and use it for customer service.

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