Creating a Simple Blogging Schedule

Getting Started Blogging the Successful Way:

Creating a blogging schedule can be an important part of your social media experience. One of the key differences between having an effective strategy and just spinning your wheels. If you’re like every other businessperson your time is precious and you want the best ROI for the time you invest in business ventures. Here are three easy to adapt and use examples of possible blogging schedules:

Option One:
Tuesday: Create pillar blog content (:45 min)
Wednesday: Answer Interview Questions (:25 min)
Thursday: Create pillar blog content (:45 min)

Option Two:
Writing when you’re most inspired + free. In other words, squeezing time in when its available

Option Three:
Blocking of time (2-2:30 hours) to write 2 to 4 posts.

Option Four:
Create alternative method or form of content.

Its all about adapting your strengths as a person and business, your time, and your brand to business blogging. I hope you find one that works well for you. What’s your blogging schedule? What works best for you? What tips or advice do you have for others?


4 responses to “Creating a Simple Blogging Schedule

  1. For the most part I blog in Option Two, which tends to mean blogging in spurts which isn’t ideal. I like the simplicity of Option One. Perhaps there’s a way to combine the two: have a rough editorial calendar but allow for the spontaneous posts too.

  2. Thanks Glenda!

    Yeah, so true. In some ways it seems like the writing and inspiration falls somewhere between the two models, but its nice to have goals and times for guidance.

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  4. I guess I like option 1 best, although I have been known to use option 2 (or should I say, plan to use option 2 — it never seems to work out!)

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