Project Management for Outsourcing Web Development

Breakdown of Finding and Hiring a Web Design/Development/Marketing Team:

Outsourcing web development can be a tricky process, even for the web design and marketing savvy person. Certainly the roles of project management, creating a time line, and progress tracking is a job in an of itself. The other core tasks which must be outsourced or fulfilled in house include:

• Online copy writing
• Web design and user experience (UX and UI)
• Maintenance and updates (content creation / editing / photos / coordination)
• Strategy
• Link building and search engine optimization
• Tracking and metrics for the website
• Social media and other forms of online marketing like pay per click management
• Landing page and conversion optimization
• Old school e-mail marketing coordination

What are the most difficult parts of web project management for you? Do you have a web development or design project you are outsourcing? Perhaps you are looking for a turnkey consulting solution or perhaps you’re looking to fulfill one of the above roles? Any tips for the unexperienced project manager? What are the most important considerations? Have a link to a resource or guide?

If you want to know more about ethical search engine optimization (seo) or social media services, please contact me at (615) 594 – 2095.


2 responses to “Project Management for Outsourcing Web Development

  1. Thank you for your comment. You read fiction?

  2. Great info i would love to know more about SEO as it applies to blogs?

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