Is information and content management a means for business productivity and success?

I’ve been reading Wikinomics over the last two weeks, which is fundamentally about how in our information age:

1) information and power are fundamentally de-centralizing
2) collaboration with internal and external sources of knowledge is critical for innovation and success

Its been an interesting read. I’ve particularly like reading the Wikinomics blog over past few days, because they talk about start-ups and web trends in a way that captures the passion behind the technology, rather than a legalistic summary. These focus on how digital information is radically transforming communication, creativity, and collaboration. (micro meets global ala global/local) In this era, as no other, the words of Bill Gates certainly hold true for business:

“The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from your competition, the best way to put distance between you and the crowd, is to do an outstanding job with information. How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.”

Bill Gates / “Business @ the Speed of Thought”


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