What makes a great startup business?

Creating Great and Successful Business Plan for ( Disruptive Technology) Startup Company:

Greg McAdoo, Partner at Seqouia Capital, a leading venture capital firm in the silicon valley area answers at Startup School 2008:

• Clarity of purpose
• Spectacular market
• Alleviate customer pain
• Team DNA [tailored for the job at hand]
• Incredible product focus
• Real operating margins
• Frugality
• Inferno with a single match

Check out:
• Ecosystems
• Trends
• Leverage
• Speed
• Distribution
• Customers

Defining a new category. “You are the only game in town. You can build a dynasty.”
Put together a compelling offering. Focus on people with their hair on fine. They need a fire hose.

Message Matters. Your audiences need to care:

• Talented people to Join
• VCs to Invest
• Banks to Lend
• Service Providers to Help
• Customers to Buy

You need a one liner to quickly. Take the elevator pitch one step further. You gotta come up with a one liner. For instance “Cisco Systems networks networks” instead of terrible buzzwords.

Don’t make it perfect. Get it out there and then listen.

Leverage disruptive opportunities. Structural reasons makes it hard for big companies to compete with you. (ie pricing, ecosystems) Greg also points out the Innovators Dilemma for startups.

Accumulative Advantage (ie Structural Advantages):
• Partnerships
• Network effect
• Business Process
• Simplicity
• Domain Knowledge
• Design

We want to dream with you 3, 5, 10 years down the line. Our experience tells us this is critical to success.

The surfing metaphor. True entrepreneurs identify and leverage the waves.

Focus on what you know about. And find where that intersects with a lot of people. 10 problems I can find that are interesting to me that effect 1,000 or a million people.

In Q & A he discussed mobile and widget monetization.

I wonder how Greg would say this applies in the context creating a business model or business plans for micro-enterprise and social entrepreneurial ventures. Essentially most micro-enterprise issues fall under the alleviate customer pain, so how does this complicate

Its important to point out that if you’re making a keynote or just a professional powerpoint presentation, you may want to post it with Omnisio, because it allows you to post video and slides together.


One response to “What makes a great startup business?

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    Hope it is helpful to you as well…www.6weekstartup.wordpress.com

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