What is the life blood of the social web?

The Building Blocks of Internet Life:
“What is the currency of the web? What do some web projects fail and others succeed?” While I was brushing my teeth this fine evening at 1:34 am, I contemplated such things. I guess anyone who wants to succeed should ask this fundamental question. So, what’s your answer? What do you think makes the digital world go ’round?

To me, successful online business gets back to three basic things:
• (Interesting and/or engaging and audience-centric) Content
• Links (or hyperlinks if you want to turn back the clock)
• And finally relationships. In other words, creating, building, and nurturing relationships.

Moving Forward. If you get those three issues right, you can have an amazingly successful online campaign. What do you think is the lifeblood or currency of the web? What is your strategy doing to galvanize all three of these verticals? Whats the best way to get there?


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