Making the case for blogger relations

Current PR, Marketing, and Advertising Looks Like This

Have you ever had this experience? Awkward huh?

But this doesn’t have to be the case…Companies can be less corporate. More personal. More human.

There are alternatives to traditional advertising and media buys:

The influence of blogs is spreading to more traditional, mainstream media. Hence, effective social media and blogger relations can lead low cost media coverage (How is that for return on investment?):

Meanwhile, the blogosphere has exploded. According to Advertising Age, “There are about 15 million active blogs read by 57 million people, a number that gives bloggers great credibility, power and influence as sources of information for everything from news to corporate reputations to product purchasing.”

However, much of the talk a few years ago – that blogs would supplant mainstream media – seems antiquated now.

• A Pew Internet & American Life Project survey found 85% bloggers read newspapers, while a Fusion PR survey found 78% of technology journalists read blogs.
• While some of the most popular bloggers are being assimilated by mainstream media, 35% of technology journalists maintain their own blog.
• According to The State of the News Media 2007, “The relationship between blogs and traditional media, in the end, may be more complementary, even synergistic, as time moves on.”


Its also a great way to create ethical search engine optimization. It beats SPAM and other black and gray hat SEO strategies with a stick.


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