Top industries for social media marketing

What Industry Niches Will Prove Most Fruitful for Social Media Marketing and Communication Services:

What are the top industries for social media marketing. I believe they fall into three areas:

First, lifestyle marketing focused industries. Industries in which creating social media communities for clients add ongoing value.

Second, niche product based offerings. Why? Initially, there are often many tips and hacks surrounding products. Niche products create the ability to increase your search engine optimization returns (for instance, if you are anything from gunsmith to a wholesale technology warehouse, you have the opportunity to maximize your search engine results when your customers make product specific inquiries). Being first to market with an online publish platform in these areas will pay big dividends. Finally, adding personality to the widgets you sell allows you to bring added value to your customers and your offering. This allows you to offer personal, technical, and branding based services to your clients to add value.

Third, niche service oriented businesses. Sometimes the elevator pitch isn’t enough. Blogs offer the opportunity to explain your niche, your offerings, and to contrast your brand vs. those in the rest of your industry. It creases an easy to use professional publication at a very affordable price.

Social media analyst Thought Lava points to the following results to conclude which industries are best fitted for social media campaigns:



These Resources May Help Your Social Media Marketing:
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• Peter Kim’s master list of Corporate Social Media Marketing Examples

[To be continued…]


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