Is Yahoo Glue the Mahalo Killer? | Yahoo Glue: I can’t believe it’s not Mahalo!

Yahoo just launched its Glue website, a unique way to view search results that is very similar to Mahalo. Will this be enough to take down Jason Calicanis of Mahalo. (Mashable coverage) Techcrunch says its also a response to Google’s universal search. For instance, here is a Yahoo glue search for Barack Obama. Have you checked it out?

Personally, I would like to have a list of more than 10 hot searches. I think its a great idea, and it will help draw users away from Google. Who will win in the battle for social search, only time will tell. I think most people have Google to Win, Yahoo to Place, and Mahalo to Show, but other alternatives aren’t out of the question.

[Note: I should attribute the 2nd part of my title to as many articles have this phrase
“Yahoo Glue: I can’t believe it’s not Mahalo!” as their title. If you know who I should attribute it to, feel free to leave a note in the comments and I will rectify this]

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2 responses to “Is Yahoo Glue the Mahalo Killer? | Yahoo Glue: I can’t believe it’s not Mahalo!

  1. Ever tried to get links from Mahalo? I wonder if yahoo glue will offer do follow links, what do you think?

  2. I haven’t ever tried to get Mahalo links. If Yahoo Glue goes in this direction, I think it will definitely be a Mahalo killer. I wonder if it had a section specifically for user generated content, I think that would add value so you would know what was Yahoo generated and user generated.

    Great question. Thanks for adding to the conversation! What do other readers think?

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