SEO Bruce Clay on “Ranking is Dead” at Pubcon 2008 | Web Pro News Interview

Bruce Clays Predictions for Google and Personalized Search Engine Rankings
Bruce Clay, who is a white hate link builder and seo, predicts that as Google personalization increases, linking will decrease as a search engine factor, video will increase, and that content and user engagement will increase in value. This suggests that social media and the two-way interactivity will play a bigger role in the future.

My Analysis of the Bruce Clay PubCon 2008 Predictions:
Bruce’s words were a little on the hyperbolic side and certainly more personalization is coming down the pike from Google as we are entering the social era of the web, however linking will still have a dramatic impact.

Also, Bruce fails to note that personalized ranking isn’t available for everyone, it only will effect people 1) with a Google account 2) that alter the rankings significantly. people aren’t going to willy nilly play with the rankings 3) and should only effect people when they are logged onto Google (although it might be IP based, but that seems absurd given that many computers have multiple users and would run against the premise of personalization).

The Temporary Death (aka Disappearance) of Google-Search Wiki: Google Search Ranking (SERP) Trends to Watch for 2009 and Beyond:

Ultimately, irrespective of the micro-action Google takes on its most recent foray into results personalization with search-wiki, two search ranking trends seem very evident:
1) personalization of search (Google likely sees this as part of the larger movement toward social tools and the micro-ization across a host of issues)
2) better scanning of video and audio, which will eventually push these up in the search rankings (although this trend may be 2 to 4 years off)

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