The Best in Competitive Market Analysis and Search Engine Optimization Tools

A Step by Step Playbook to Keyword Analysis for SEO Success:

Fundamentals of Keyword Analysis for Search Engine Optimization
If you are looking for competitive analysis there are plenty of free tools available that can serve your needs. There are plenty of free tools to serve your ethical search engine optimization and link building needs. Initially for keywords analysis the top two free SEO tools are:

Google Keyword Suggestion Tool
• Aaron Walls SEO Book Keyword Tool

Strategic Keyword Tips
These tools should provide you with more than enough data to keep you writing content till the cows come home. A few things to keep in mind:

• Remember to target “buy” words
• Remember “care” words. What does your customer really “care” about? That’s what they search about. That’s what they buy.
• Remember to target Long Tail keyword phrases. For instance that means targeting “Nashville SEO Company” or “Nashville Search Engine Optimization Company” or “Ethical Search Engine Optimization Services” instead of just “SEO” [Aaron Wall also suggests looking toward fat belly phrases, instead of long tail]
• You may also want to target various places along the buying process by creating an mega FAQ. (I recently visited a venture capital fund that had a blog post that was called “What Types of Ventures Do We Fund at [insert Venture Capital Firm name]”
• Creating a website is about creating solutions for your customers. That means answering their questions.

Competitive SEO Tools and Tactics Analysis:
Next, you want to discover what keywords you are ranking for so that you can maximize what you are already ranking for. Seodigger offers a fantastic tool for doing competitive analysis of your site as well as your competition’s website. Don’t know who your opponents might be, just do a search for the 5 most likely ways your customers can find you (without using your actual name).

Discover Your Back link Love. Next, you will want to check out where your competitors are getting links. A great tool for finding out where your competitors or your site are getting links is Link Diagnosis. Aaron Wall suggests Link Harvester. A recent Pub Con panel suggested Back Link Watch, which is very handy because it tells you what the anchor text attached to the link is. This is critically important to your SEO efforts.

Traffic and Web Analytics Google Analytics are free and a great way to find out how people are getting to your website, what they do when they are there, and where people are abandoning your website.

Need an Seach Engine Optimization Diagnosis for Your Website? A couple of overall site analysis tools that help give you an overall idea about the search optimization of your website, including Website Grader. One very good alternative is the SEO Automatic which runs an SEO diagnosis on your website.

Show Firefox Plug in Love for SEO. I also like SEO For Firefox, Rank Checker, SEO Quake. 97th Floor has a helpful Firefox. plug in for blogging and social media.

What are your favorite search engine optimization tools?

Creative Fusion Media provides social media consulting services and ethical and affordable search engine optimization solutions to innovative companies and forward thinking non-profits. Nathan Ketsdever is the chief internet marketing and online pr strategist at Creative Fusion, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee.


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