Nine Lessons Learned from the Technorati Top 100

Best Practices and Case Studies from the Technorati Top 100

I has making a spreadsheet of the Technorati 100 as a favor to a friend in Washington DC and thought about the insights and wisdom those people had to share. I though their fundamental lessons about what works online could be incredibly helpful to readers.

1) Huffington Post. Networks work best. There’s power in a crowd.

2) Boing Boing Let your community participate. Straightforward headlines. Be original. Be funky.

3) Lifehacker Add pictures and diagrams. Be useful. Be in a network

4) I Can Has Cheeseburger. People like funny. Let people participate at every point. Did I mention…people like funny. Let your content travel (this is also Hugh McL insight too)

5) Seth Godin. Be a purple cow. It doesn’t have to be War and Peace. Have an original look and design. Add a little pith here and there.

6) Dooce. The power of stories. Transparency and funny works. Photography and video work too.

7) Guy Kawasaki. Be an evangelist. Be useful.

8} Chris Brogan. Honor your rockstars. Make your e-book sing. Be useful–be incredibly useful. Start a meme every once in a while. Speak from experience. Dream.

9) Copy Blogger. Great headlines work. Top 10 Lists work. Write headlines like magazines. Know your audience. Remember affiliates. Freemium works.

A recent project that really leveraged this community is the digital book “Age of Conversation“, which let individuals contribute to a book which honored the diversity of the community and gave all the proceeds to charity. Creating a community oriented project not only leverages the wisdom of the crowds and diversity, but networks and connects people in new, interesting, and productive ways.

In short, the takeaway lesson about what the Technorati Top 100 tells you about successful social media and best practices is: Be conversational. Honor your community. Be human. Be passionate. Be transparent.


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