How to create a great search engine optimization campaign for your company

Here is a comprehensive breakdown via step by step process of a search engine optimization campaign development. Its not just metatags and directory submission, which only represent 5% or less of proper search engine optimization. This campaign has 21 core components to maximize the company’s search engine exposure.

Increasingly, the driving force behind your search engine optimization campaign will be content development. In order to create a “sticky” website and a website that converts, you need to develop amazing and useful content to be engaging to your users.

Keyword Research
• Traffic
• Ranking
• Competitive Market Research

Website and Traffic Analysis
• What Keywords Are Driving Traffic
• What Pages Are Possible Conversion Pages

Professional Training
• Web Content Development and Authority Blogging
• Search engine optimization, competitive research, and link building

Onsite Website SEO Architechture:
• Development of SEO Plan
• Execution of Onsite Architechture SEO Plan. Also called, sculpting link graph.

Content Development
• Drive community around your brand and website
• Onsite editing
• Blog development
• Link bait development. Create resources. Become the online resource.
• Edit Website Content for Grammer
• Edit Website Content for Usability
• Develop Landing Pages for Conversion

Link building and Development:
• Quality Directory Submission
• PR Release
• Blogger Relations and Interviews
• Article Marketing
• External Content Development

Creative Fusion Media provides social media consulting services and ethical and affordable search engine optimization solutions to innovative companies and forward thinking non-profits. Nathan Ketsdever is the chief internet marketing and online pr strategist at Creative Fusion, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee.


One response to “How to create a great search engine optimization campaign for your company

  1. In addition to all that were listed using a catchy title or heading for your website plays an important role too.

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