Create Extraordinary Content for Extra-ordinary Link building

Content Development Strategy for Link building and SEO:

Eric Enge had some great suggestions at Pub Con 2008, which Lisa Barone summarized. Enge provides some strategic focus to content development strategy:

Authoritative content can win.

He shows a post from a blog design site about 45 Excellent Blog Designs with 1,100 Diggs. If you do a search for [blog designs] they’re number one. Stuff like this is successful because it fits the theme of the Web site, the content is credible, it had 1160 links a year later, and the term [blog designs] gets 645 searches a day. And it’s relevant to their site.

Maximize Your Success

• Write content that is of interest to the audience
• Be Authoritative
• Reflect Well on your Business
• Target big search terms: Put it in article title and Digg submission title.

Eric talks about a site that used Facebook to attract users. They created great social media applications on Facebook that were targeted at sports fans. You could run an entire fantasy baseball league in Facebook.

Why is this link building? They got a link from, a link from ESPN, TechCrunch, Google, and BattelleMedia. Success!


• Build content and tools that increase your reputation. Be authoritative. Create the right image for your company.
• Match the demographic to the business needs of your site and the social media network
• Think big

Creative Fusion Media provides social media consulting services and ethical and affordable search engine optimization solutions to innovative companies and forward thinking non-profits.


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