Guidelines for outsourcing article writing

Proven Rules for Outsourcing Content Creation:

Finding great content creators can be challenging, especially given that the needed skill set isn’t clear. With those concerns in mind, here are some principles that can guide you along the way toward better outsourcing. Whether you need content for your blog launch, corporate website, or latest white paper, these guidelines for finding expert content creation services hold true:

Think long term value. When you outsource content its easy to think quick turn around on value, but you need to think about the long term value of content online.

Think wholistically. The money you may save by hiring an overseas content creator may cost you in terms of time spent editing for grammar and clarity.

Get a writing sample. Get a writing sample. They should be able to send you a link or two to some content they have written or created.

Start Small. Starting small allows you to experiment with a host of content creators to pick the best one.

Make Sure the Content Is Original. Unoriginal content not interesting to users. Copyscape can help you make sure your article writers and outsourcers create unique articles.

Experiment. Outsourcing article wriging gives you the ability to try out several content providers and then choose a core group of content creators to write your content.

Establish clear expectations. I have a document I use for creating specific expectations I have for article and content writing. Having a standard, easy to read document helps keep both parties on the same page. This is one of the best ways to manage expectations with outsourcers and a great way to manage expectations with employees.

Specialist vs. Generalist. Realize like all humans, you content creators have special talents and general talents, and its important to play to those strengths.

Create relationships. Once you have determined the content creators you want to work with, build meaningful business relationships. Just like any employee, you want to build a relationship with your content creators and article writers.

Add Value to the Relationship. A quality content creator will want to learn how to better themselves. If you develop a relationship and add value, your content will inevitably of a higher quality.

Its also important to keep in mind these advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.

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