Skill set of online content creators

Outsourcing Content Creation and Article Writing Series:

There are several skill sets involved in online content creation. Whether you are trying to create a search engine optimization or social media marketing campaign, its critical to align your content creation goals for campaign success. I believe there are nine fundamentals that any online content creator should know or be able to bring to the table (presumably by outsourcing):

• Create clear and compelling content
• Knowing the audience
• Speak in the appropriate tone
• Ability to research quality resource content
• Visually stimulating content
• Search engine optimization skills
• Can meet time deadlines
• Friendly and timely communication
• Passion to learn more from content experts

These nine skills are vital to the success of your online communication ventures. Do you think there are other skills that I’ve missed?

Guidelines for outsourcing article writing and content creation

Creative Fusion Media provides social media consulting services and ethical and affordable search engine optimization solutions to innovative companies and forward thinking non-profits.


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