Website Siloing Tips for Search Engine Optimization | Bruce Clay Interview

Themeing Your Website for SEO Advantage:

Great interview of Bruce Clay from Web Marketing Today on website siloing:

How does Silo Themeing help Search Engine Optimization?
Siloing allows you to better understand how your link graph or link juice is being distributed so you can sculpt your onsite SEO with ease. It also theoretically allows search engines to spider your site easier. Ultimately, it will improve your user experience, as your subjects are narrowed focused and honed. Wilson Web summarizes the concept well:

(1) Establish keyword-centric themes for your site, (2) identify a landing page for each theme, (3) link to the themed landing pages, and (4) don’t pass PageRank to pages outside the theme and thus dilute ‘link juice.’ Use ‘nofollow’ tags to restrict passing PageRank.

How to Silo Theme Your Website for SEO
If you want to understand siloing for SEO better, please check out Siloing Revisted or this extensive three part series on Website Subject Themeing. For more Bruce Clay posts on siloing and website themeing for seo.

Siloing for SEO Example: Cooking and Culinary Website

A fantastic example would be a cooking website:

Let’s say you have a website about baking. You have a section on baking cookies, a section on baking bread, and a section on cooking supplies. Inside of the cooking section you have 10 basic articles about baking cookies and 50 cookie recipes. In the bread section you have a dozen articles about baking bread and 25 different bread recipes. You also have 25 different baking items you sell. For each section you have a mini sitemap that links to all of the pages underneath it. So the mini sitemap for cookies will link to all 10 of the basic cookie articles and all 50 of the cookie articles.

So, it would resemble an outline look similar to the the NCAA tournament.

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