Is Content Marketing a Viable Strategy?

Organizations spend 25% on content marketing via traditional print means currently. A recent Junta 42 white paper on content marketing highlights:

A March 2008 study of 150 marketing decision makers conducted by Junta42 and BtoB magazine showed that business marketers, on average, were planning to spend 29.42% of their total marketing budget for 2008 on the creation and execution of custom content. These findings are in line with 2007 research performed by the Custom Publishing Council and Publications Management total spending numbers, which represented 27% of total budgets for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketers.

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One response to “Is Content Marketing a Viable Strategy?

  1. Hi…thanks for the post. Actually, we are just finishing up some additional research that says marketing professionals are investing more in content marketing during the economic downturn. More on that to come…

    Thanks again

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