Its official….I’m a BIG Yelp fanboy. Are you?

Why I think Yelp freak’n rocks!

A recent edition of Fast Company features “the Perils and Promise of the Reputation Economy” and centers on one of my favorite social networking communities Yelp, which allows users to review and share both restaraunt and local businesses experiences. Some joker was flipantly bashing Yelp on Digg, and I thought I would tell why I love Yelp:

    • First, its cool because its a great place to connect with the local community. I’ve loved the last three places I’ve lived Virginia, Washington DC, and Nashville and Yelp help me enjoy them even more.
    • Second, its slick because its easy to learn and super easy use. The user interface is fun (and feature robust)
    • Third, the Yelp elite program, which helps active members connect at food and tasting events adds a whole level of relevance and value to membership and community citizenship.
    • Fourth, Yelp helps you avoid bad experience. Its like e-pinions for the cool kids.
    • Fifth, the local Yelp Talk community is fun for very specific questions you might have about finding a local service or product or just going out on the weekend.

Yelp as more than your average social network:

I think Yelp embodies some of the best in social networking in that 1) the value added is significant and direct 2) the online social features 3) the offline social features of Yelp elite. Leveraging offline connections is something I think we’ll see more of as social media moves forward.

PS. We need Yelp elite in the Music City like K-fed needs a new wife.

Have you tried Yelp? Are you a Yelp fanboy or fangirl?


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