The Long Tail Myth: Why the Long tail is Dead

Ding Dong the Long Tail is Dead: The Myth of the Long Tail is Dead:
(image credit: fellow tennessean Jason Coleman)
The long tail of search may be dying.

So is Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail” thesis valid based on research? Chris Anderson has been forced to concede the Long tail is a myth, like unicorns of old:

“The end came quickly,” as authors of morbid weepies like to say. On Monday WiReD magazine editor Chris Anderson effectively admitted game over for his “Long Tail”, the idea he’s been dragging so lucratively around the conference circuit for the past four years. In as many words, he downgraded it from “the future of business” to something that’s, er, not very helpful for your business at all.

“I’ll end by conceding a point: It’s hard to make money in the Tail,” Anderson wrote. “The revenues are disproportionately in the Head. Perhaps that will never change.”

Is the Critique and Criticism of the Long Tail Theory Legit?

Read Chris Anderson’s Long Tail blog for more insight to the Long Tail thesis and the criticism.

What does death of the long tail mean for social media and seo strategy?

It just means that business models should aim at the fat belly of the Longtail, instead of the tail. Its still possible and even advantageous to compete at the level of the fat belly of the Longtail (in other words not at the head, but more in the middle).

Any other valid criticism of the long tail theory? How do you think this effects the future of emerging media?

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