Does social media mean the Craig Newmark Business Model is the Future

A lot of the discussion around social media has surrounded marketing and public relations, but surprisingly little has Craig Newmark recently talked at Berkman. It was entitled Nerd Culture Rising. I learned that Craig was a debater–how cool–as a former debater I smiled inside.

Craig talks about he is the front person in terms of customer service now. I find that really interesting. Being a front line customer service person helps Craig know whats going on and is a real tangible way of branding Craigs list. Its definitely one of those things that sets Craigs list apart as an organization. I wonder what it would look like for more founders or CEOs to be customer service people. I think the wonder and flipping the switch mentality is pretty cool–but I think to only do it half-way by not following a more Craig Newmark-esque model may leave something to be desired.

If you would like to listen to Craig Newmark’s presentation at Berkman, check out these links:

Audio of the Craig Newmark event.

Video of the Craig Newmark event.


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