Top seven posts on small business SEO, local SEO, and ethical SEO

The Best in Ethical SEO How To Guides
Both Mr. Darren Rowse of Problogger and Chris Brogan weighed in today on the issue of SEO. So, I thought I would jump on this meme and add my two cents: the top seven posts on small business SEO.

SEO Principles from Search Engine Bootcamp:

I thought the direction that Tim McDonald provided was a helpful guideline for creating the principles of a small search engine optimization campaign for a small business or non-profit, even though he’s speaking in the context of pay per click because he’s dealing with fundamental marketing principles:

* benefits – people click on ads that promise to benefit them in some way
* brand – people click on ads with brand names that they recognize
* differentiation – people click on ads that are different from others in some way
* curiosity – people click on ads that make them curious
* legibility – people click on ads that make sense
* call to action – people click on ads with a call to action in them

Seven of the Best SEO Resource Posts: From SEO Blogger Basics to Creative Link Development

Initially, a great starting point for understanding SEO is Aaron Wall’s Search Engine Optimization Guide [although oddly it omits, bolding, italics, and H1, H2, and H3 tags]

Second, focus on Sugar-riffic specific website tactics. This contains a fantastic and extremely checklist for getting a small business website off the ground by dramatically increasing its search engine. Before you launching that local small business website. Its a step by step guide from Sugar Rae.

Third, this David Mihm post is a great intro post to SEO for small business.

Fourth, Google SEO Ranking factors is a highly important consideration for increasing search engine ranking. Several expert SEOs contributed to this post, which is at SEO Moz

Fifth, this is an oldie but a goodie in the SEO world. Brett Tabke of Web Master World Successful Site in 12 Months: 26 Steps to Build a 15K a Day Site

Sixth, SEO for bloggers from Aaron and Giovanna Wall of SEO Book.

Finally, my personal favorite which containts 55+ Tips I recently aggregated about web strategy and SEO in one handy and hopefully helpful post Ethical SEO Guide for WordPress Bloggers. It explains usability, plug-ins, content, and the important concept of siloing or themeing your website.

Bonus SEO Resource: SEO Moz just released a free ebook Link Building Notes of an SEO Kindergartner. It has some creative ideas for the new link builder to kick start a link development campaign.

I would add the following five ways to increase your small business search engine rankings to the mix to not forget:
1) to add real world relationships and events to the mix of your campaign.
2) to also consider the combination of low cost PR or blogger relations to promote the periodic release of link bait and link bait type resources. Aaron Wall suggests doing link bait once a month.
3) Respected SEO Debra M of the Linkspiel is a fan of contests for SEO. Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting interviewed Deborah along with several SEO experts
4) experiment to get familiar with how search engines and their spiders work.
5) avoid paid links and black hat SEO–otherwise Google may smack you.
6) Understand the link baiting hook. This issue is covered well by Mr. Malicot of Stuntdubl.

What is your favorite SEO resource post or guide? What tips or principles did I leave off?


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