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This is an interview with me, Nathan Ketsdever, of Creative Fusion Media an ethical SEO Company.

How did the world of search engine optimization find you?

Well, I was doing social media work in Washington DC and then started up a blog about Christian nonprofits and the recent rise, at least in the public eye, of Christian social justice and social change. I then became a social media consultant because I was facsinated about the ways the web was changing under our feet and became more interested in the way that search engine optimization could help drive value for social media clients. I thought, if social media didn’t get sustainable traffic then the value was miniscule compared to SEO strategies.

How do you like being a Christian SEO?

I think its pretty cool. I really like the research, strategy, and communication apsects of being a search engine optimization company. Like being a Christian in any career, whether it be being marketing executive or attorney, being a Christian SEO has its share of ethical issues.

Is it challenging maintaining your faith as a Christian in the SEO industry? For instance, what do you think about gray hat tactics?

Search engine optimization is divided up into black hat, gray hat, and white hat tactics. I focus my efforts on white hat tactics and stay away from black hat tactics like spam, cloaking, and paid links, that not only hurt user experience, but also risk being punished by Google (the famous Google slap, which many a black hat has suffered).

As a Christian, what is your favorite Bible verse through trials?

One of my favorites is Matthew 25 I think to whom much is given, much is expected. In other words, we’re supposed to use our talents and blessings for good.

What are the biggest misconceptions about SEO either from clients or from the industry?

One of the biggest misconceptions might be about what search engine optimization is–that SEO goes beyond meta-tags. The second is a general overall misunderstanding about what SEO can do for a bricks and mortar local business.

What would you say are your three favorite tips for webmasters and small business owners for ethical search engine optimization?

Great content forms the backbone of any good ethical search engine optimization strategy. Second, enhancing your user experience either by adding social media or simple design features can help your search engine rankings efforts. Third, your content strategy and link strategy should work together, otherwise your efforts will fall on their face. Integrating the strategy is the key.


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