Interview with UK Christian SEO Firm

Here is the interview I did with Scot Crone of Micrositez, who is a Christian SEO. Thanks to Scot for participating. If you are a Christian SEO and would like to be interviewed, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

How did the world of search engine optimization find you?

I started off in web design but I really became interested in SEO so I made the transition and I now no longer do web design.

How do you like being a Christian SEO?

I think it’s awesome… I never do SEO for sites which contradict Biblical teaching… I don’t want to have to stand before the Lord one day and have him say… “Scot, why did you help to promote all those adult or gambling or drug websites?”

Is it challenging maintaining your faith as a Christian in the SEO industry? For instance, what do you think about gray hat tactics?

I think it’s important to know where the line is in life SEO is no different… your spirit will tell you… stay out of the grey, never get in the black and always stay in the white… ‘Hat’ that is.

As a Christian, what is your favorite Bible verse through trials?

Nehemiah 8:10

What are the biggest misconceptions about SEO either from clients or from the industry?

That’s its some sort of witchcraft or black art! SEO is neither… it’s a flair… a good seo has search experience and knowledge and the expertise to implement both that’s all.

What would you say are your three favorite tips for webmasters and small business owners for ethical search engine optimization?

Make sure your site has lots of fresh original content, make sure it is fully crawlable by Google and the rest and get plenty of good quality one way back links… and you can’t lose.

Scot Crone is the owner of Micrositez SEO UK. A Christian SEO Company based in Scotland.


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