Greatest Hits of Local SEO : The Best Blog Posts from A to Z

Local Search Engine Marketing: Can’t Stop that Feelin’ and All the Best Local SEO Superhits

Well, local search begins with the big dogs of search Google, Yahoo, and MSN and extends into other more niche search marketing options. This list includes City Search, Yelp, Insider Pages, Info USA,, and Merchant Circle. Also, BOTW is new to the local search marketing area with free listings.

A more robust list of local SEO niche websites includes Superpages, Localeze, Acxiom, Trip Advisor, and others. Fully, these constitute the BCS of local search marketing.

Social media is making its impact felt in the local search space. Matt McGee outlines 8 sites, particularly of note are Placeblogger and Outside.In, but all except Stumbleupon and Facebook deserve more local search attention. (Matt knows more about this than I, but I think in most places the user base for Stumbleupon may not be there and Facebook is a walled garden–their effect I think is mostly indirect from a search perspective. Although, Stumbleupon might effect Microsoft + Yahoo search rankings)

Other local listings for the ardent,arduos and zealous search marketer. In fact, such SEM opportunities are bursting at the seems (and waiting in the wings). This Mihm post ranks the Top 10 providers of local info to prioritize your assault on the local search directories. You can even use your local SEO listings to get a free Yellow pages listing.

As you write your local listing you will want to consider these listing tips from the locals only column at Search Engine Land. Once written, these three slightly under the radar local seo techniques can help add relevance and locality for your local sem and seo efforts.

Dev Basu suggests Google Maps on landing pages for local search optimization along in this top 10 list. This 10 link bait ideas for small business list is also helpful for generating SEM tactics and strategies. Dev was kind enough to link to these 10 link bait tips for contractors and incidently B2B small business.

You can learn about the local search marketing factors from the Yoda or Steve McQueen of SEM David Mihm. Business location, reviews, and local citation figure prominently.

Search Engine Marketing and the Small Business

For a more principled look at SEM check out Mr. Mihm’s post the 10 Commandments of SEM for small business. Sugar Rae’s small business launch post is a classic like Jon Bon Jovi or Van Halen–I would be remiss to leave it out of the local SEM discussion. Or to sum up most of the above the presentation called Local SEO: How to Totally Own Google is a great explanation of the fundamentals of local seo along with great local sem tips and tricks. You can spice up your local seo rankings with Video

Best of the Local SEO and Small Business Search Engine Optimization
8 Simple Steps to Make a Page More “Local” by Matt McGee
25 Ways to Optimize for Local Search by Justin Palmer
• Of course you need to get down with Google Maps so check out Blumenthals blog
SEO Igloo is another great local seo blog
Get Listed now has a fancy dashboard that makes the local seo process far easier than it has been in the past.
• David M discusses how Get Listed fits into the local seo marketing space

Make your Small Biz and SEM Efforts Kick Arse!

This is post is in beta. Please bookmark if you like it and return frequently. Thanks, as always, for reading.

Nathan Ketsdever is a small business SEO who dabbles in local SEO. He’s also an unapologetic advocate of hyper local, a Yelp fanboy, and a consumer of most music Jack Johnson and Ben Gibbard. He also loves crab rangoon, a tasty pad thai with a nice peanut sauce, and smoke fired southern bbq (but not all at once).

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