Christian SEO Interview #4: Justin Palmer of Palmer Web Marketing

How did the world of search engine optimization find you?

I first experimented in SEO through my senior project in College. As I learned the tactics of SEO, I realized it was a particularly rewarding type of work. Though my background is more in website creation and programming, I loved the ability to quickly make a huge impact on a website’s success by delivering high quality traffic from search engines. To me, that was much more rewarding than simply building a website and
hoping it made money.

How do you like being a Christian SEO?

Many people think SEO is a shady type of marketing, that is somehow inappropriately manipulates search results. As a Christian, and working with Christian clients, I can assure them that the SEO methods I use are
ethical and approved by Google themsevles I have to ask myself, how would Jesus SEO this page? (well, I guess I don’t really ask myself that, but the principle applies)

Absolutely. I totally agree. Is it challenging maintaining your faith as a Christian in the SEO industry? For instance, what do you think about gray hat tactics?

Unfortunately, I do believe the SEO industry is plagued with a lot of unethical tactics, causing it to have a bad reputation. Personally, I stay away from “newer” tactics that might be consider grey hat. I tend to focus more on technical, internal linking, content, and only trusted external links methods.

As a Christian, what is your favorite Bible verse through trials?

James 1:2 – Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.

This year in my life, I have gone through several trials that have taught me that God is pruning and shaping me into something better. I have begun learning how to experience joy through these times.

What are the biggest misconceptions about SEO either from clients or from the industry?

I think the biggest misconception is that there simple 1-2-3 formula for ranking well on search engines. In other words, time + money = rankings. Unfortunately, there are too many variables, and a good SEO will not
promise specific deliverables in a certain amount of time.

What would you say are your three favorite tips for webmasters and small business owners for ethical search engine optimization?

1. Stick with the tried and true, don’t go chasing after every internet marketing fad. For me, this includes email marketing, SEO, pay per click, and website usability.
2. Don’t let any one particular internet marketing tactic (including SEO) dominate your entire strategy. When working with a web marketing consultant, make sure they have broad knowledge are they aren’t pushing
you on any 1 particular method, just because they are experienced with it
3. Don’t make assumptions about your website and visitors that will cost you business. I wrote 10 tips regarding this here:

Speaking of tips for small business owners, what are your three favorite search engine optimization tools?

I absolutely love all the tools from Aaron Wall’s SEO Book site I use his keyword tool, Rank Checker, and SEO for Firefox tools daily.

I totally agree, the SEO Book tools are a must. Do you have any predictions for the future of search, social media, or the web?

I believe companies will realize the need for a holistic approach to the marketing tactics listed above. Many methods are still new and untested, but as they mature it will become apparent that all work together. I believe Google will become much more sophisticated in the way they rank sites, requiring site owners to create valuable content rather than simply build links for SEO sake.

Great advice and guidance from Justin. Thanks to Justin Palmer Christian SEO at Palmer Marketing for participating in this interview.


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