21 Different Types of Social Media Consultants and Specialists

21 Different Types of Social Media Consultants and Specialists:

You may be wondering or perhaps you’ve even been asked, “What does it mean to be a social media consultant?” or “What does a social media consultant do?” I was participating on the forums at Social Media Jobs and someone asked for some job advice and so I thought I would breakdown the 20 unique niche aspects of social media:

• Social media: marketing and bookmarking (Digg, Stumbleupon, Mixx)
• Social media: Online PR/Blogger relations
• Social media: Community Building and management
• Social media: Link baiting/Viral (shudder)
• Search engine optimization (onsite architechture, link building, seo copywriting, small business/local, international, etc..)
• Pay per click advertising (Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, niche engines)
• Online copywriting and Content development (have 2 diff. purposes, but can be grouped)
• Conversion Optimization
Social Media Metrics
E-mail marketing
Social Networking (Linked in, Facebook, )
• Video (video blogging and all the breakdowns of television video production: writing, editing, production, ads, marketing, etc)
• Mobile (mobile marketing and mobile application development)
• Blogging
User Centric Design /Usability (even social design)
• Web design and blog design
• Web development + web application development (Php, Ruby on Rails, etc..)
Ad buying in social networks, blogs, and podcasts. Google is big in the ad buying space too.
Affiliate marketing

This list is far from conclusive, if you think of one please feel free to leave it in the comments. I know Jeremiah wrote a post on this and Chris had some excellent analysis on the issue, I’ll at those soon. I think project management and outsourcing and perhaps even photography also become a de facto part of the equation.


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