Nashville’s Bloggers: Guide to the Most “Influential” Nashville Bloggers

Nashville’s Bloggers: Guide to the Most Influential Nashville Bloggers

This is a guide to Nashville blogging rockstars. While I have weird feelings about celebrity and perhaps even weirder things about internet celebrity, I thought this might be a helpful guide for those getting introduced to the Nashville blogging scene. If I leave someone off the list, I’m genuinely sorry…I wasn’t able to name all 250-350 bloggers….but you can drop your favorites in the comments.

Rex Hammock’s Blog– CEO of local publishing company in the Nashville area, Hammock Publishing. Rex is also a bit of a Nashville photo blogger.

Jaxn– Startup executive and entrepreneur for Stat Zen and URL Zen. Jackson’s company was featured at Tech Crunch 50, a conference of the most influential and interesting tech and new media startups.

Dr. Jeff Cornwall– Professor at Belmont and editor and chief of the Entrepreneurial Mind.

Pete Wilson– at pastor at Cross Point Church at Without Wax. Pete’s blog feature features great sermon bumpers as well as short entertaining video stories about life and growing up. Here is Adam and Eve explained by Pete’s kid.

Anne Jackson. Writer, blogger, designer, and church leadership person at Cross Point Church. She’s putting out a book very, very soon called Mad Church Disease on Zonderzan.

Michael Hyatt– Just some guy. Actually, he is the CEO at Thomas Nelson. So some guy with a plush office.

Matthew Paul TurnerChristian author, speaker, and funny guy. He is author of the Christian Culture Survival Guide, Hokey Pokey and a handful of other personal and thought provoking Christian books. You can see Matthew Turner on his Youtube channel, check out the feature about him on the God’s Mac podcast, or see the Cred Productions videos about Hokey Pokey. (please forgive me Matthew–I haven’t forgotten) His wife is also an occassional video blogger.

Dave Barnes. Hilarious guy, video blogger, and up and coming music guy . (quite possibly insane) Kanye West’s workout has nothing on the Dave Barnes workout. Or perhaps you’d like to see his video tour of Franklin, TN. For the Christmas season, this “Christmas Extravaganza” is probably the most appropriate and cheery.

Randy Elrodat Ethos Blog in a Christian entrepreneur and always has something forward thinking to say.

Tiny Cat Pants– Funny stuff.

Nashville is Talking– is a round up of local Nashville blogs. Its run by Christian G at WKRN.

Jay Deragon. He’s an author of a well researched book about social media called the Relationship Economy. Nice guy–I met him about 3 weeks ago at Fido.

Nashville Post-Mr. Kleinhelder keeps the Nashville area informed about politics.

Dave Delaney-Resident Canandian new media guy for Griffin and creator of Geek Breakfast and the guy who along with Marcus Whitney brought Barcamp Nashville and Podcamp Nashville to Tennessee. He’s also faciliated a fantastic new project Tennessee Bloggers for education.

Chris Wage. Photoblogger Chris Wage has had his photos featured in the Tennessean.

Mitch Canter– web designer who specializes in WordPress design. He was recently featured in the WordPress section on Alltop.

Newscoma is a former reporter who reports mostly on politics and other fun stuff..

Rob Robinson is in PR and reports on Vanderbilt, Nashville News, and general community happenings at Thinktrain.

Brittney Gilbert– Brittney is no longer in Nashville, she’s moved to the left coast, but her effects on the community as a person and blogger are still heard.

Local Nashville Blogging Resources:
Nashville Yelp– local food blogging and business review community.

Outside In for Nashville, TN

Outside in for Brentwood, TN.

Nashville on Placeblogger.

Who is your favorite or most influential blogger in Nashville, TN?

Nathan Ketsdever is a blogger about Christian nonprofits, faith, and social media at Compassion in Politics. He is also the chief online strategist at Creative Fusion Media. He is also a Nashville blogger.


6 responses to “Nashville’s Bloggers: Guide to the Most “Influential” Nashville Bloggers

  1. a shame we haven’t met yet. honored for your link.

  2. True. True. Should connect soon…

    Maybe You really shouldn’t be flatter…but thats flattering to me:) Hope your book launch rocks!

  3. I’m honored to even be mentioned among these blogs!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I really appreciate being included. Cheers.

    Did the remainder of your Christmas shopping go without incident?

    Happy New Year.

  5. It did indeed. Actually that reminds me…the joy of returns (aka free cash for stuff I really need)

    Hope your shopping went off without a hitch!

    Happy NYE Dave and everybody!

  6. To someone new to Nashville, this is very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to post this list.

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