Living Waters Website Analysis | Christian SEO Casestudy

Giving Away Free Christian Resources and Link Bait

The Living Waters is connected to Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. I ran across the Living Waters website and wanted to point out some of the upsides. For instance, they seem to have great link bait for Christians. In fact, they have four different free resource links on their top level menu. Website grader reports they have a PR of 5 and nearly 10,000 backlinks. For those that don’t know, link bait is useful or fun web content meant to be linked to in order to increase search ranking. Its helpful for webmasters, churches, and bloggers wanting to add content to their website and free advertising for the creator. Its generally win/win for both parties and is a great Christian SEO strategy.

I think they do need a usability update. Initially, their site looks a little circa 2002. In sharp contrast, their The Way of the Master website is pretty modern looking in design and layout. Second, they don’t have a blog connected directly the website, but this may be a better choice for them. You can check out Ray’s Comforts Atheist Central blog here. Finally, their 150,000 people will die to day is an interesting widget–but annoying to me as a user. I’m not sure if you want to have your other messages heard why you would add this to your website.


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