Marketing with Whitepapers: Using White Papers for Ethical SEO

Eight Steps to Ethical SEO | White Hat SEO Tips, Tactics, and Techniques

I recently read a great blog post on SEO for white papers. I thought I would add my two cents to the discussion. Here are my eight top suggestions for using SEO for white papers:

Easy Executive Summary First, If you use the Safari browser on an Apple Macintosh, you can use the “Summarize” function under the “Safari” pull down menu.

Whitepaper Link bait Second, invest in a white paper that is easy to read, focuses on benefits, and contains visually interesting elements.

PR Release and Ethical SEO Third, I would suggest launching with an online PR release and/or blogger relations campaign.

Listbait for SEO Fourth, consider using one or more of your white papers as list bait.

Listen to Your Audience Fifth, focus on content that your buyers will be interested in because it will solve problems for them.

Create an SEO Network Sixth, linking out from the PDF to other relevant content on your website as well other places.

Ethical SEO Best Practices Seventh, optimize your PDF for the search engine spiders and ultimately for SEO.

Ethical SEO and Usability Eighth, of course you want to make it easy to find your white paper easily on your main website.

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