What are the principles of ethical SEO and principled internet marketing?

What is ethics in marketing?

Ethics in marketing is about using both ethical means and ethical ends in your product development and marketing process. It providing quality customer service so that product delivery and execution is nearly flawless. Responsible companies want to really add value to their customer and to humanity. Consistently the best companies are companies which respect customers intelligence and interests and use that as the foundation of their product and guiding principles.

Principles of Ethics in Business and Marketing: Ethical SEO in Context
These principles extend from product development and marketing through the product (or service) delivery phase. They are based in respect for the dignity the consumer and community and are at the backbone of all ethical systems.

• Based on products and services that add real value to the consumer. Products and services that solve real consumer problems.
• Practices honesty in marketing and advertising. Ultimately, truth in advertising.
• Create win/win solutions for consumer, community, and business. On balance does more good than harm.
Some businesses go so far as to promote the triple bottom line (profit-planet-people)
• Practices sound business ethics

What is ethics seo and principled internet marketing?
How do you determine if you are using responsible and ethical web marketing tactics? How do you determine if your are using ethical tactics and strategies in your web marketing strategies? Here are some core ethical communication and ethical seo principles:

• Creating great, audience centric content that adds value.
Avoid spam and spam-like methods for marketing and promotion
• Not manipulating or tricking the user to increase search rankings
• Not manipulating or tricking the search engines such as cloaking
• Making your website usable for users. User centric design is critical.
• Avoiding duplicate content helps SEO
• Avoid link farms

And generally avoid the marketing practices that Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft frowns upon. For instance the search engines generally dislike. The best way is to assess your internal values on a regular basis. What do the principles of ethics internet marketing mean in terms of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Initially, you want to avoid black hat seo and black hat seo firms. Additionally, you also want be very sure the kinds of tactics your seo company utilizes generally avoid gray hat seo.

You may also want to check out my presentation on ethical seo or my other resources about ethical seo.


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