Using How to Videos for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing

How to Leverage Video for SEO and Link Building
Initially, there are two key ways to use videos to increase your search engine optimization. The first, and preferable method to use how-to videos to increase SEO is to make low-fi, but useful and short videos yourself which explain a process in an easy to understand format. The best way to create these videos is to make them a demonstration. One great example of this is the SEO Book videos, the SEO Moz Whiteboard Friday videos, and the innovative Common Craft videos. Realize, they don’t all have to be serious videos, in fact your users are more likely to spread them if they are a little funny. One example is the “Will it Blend” video series.

The Value of Videos for SEO and Thought Leadership Marketing
This can help build trust with users and establish you as an industry thought leader. To give your videos even more legs for SEO linkbuilding, consider e-mailing bloggers who could use the video on their website. This is particularly helpful if you have a series of videos, so the bloggers can pick and choose which videos are most appropriate to their audience. Additionally, there are tons of how to video community sites that will allow you to post how to videos on their website. This gets into a bit of a duplicate content issue, however I fully believe Google understands the value of 95% of these videos. (videos that get 1000’s a views a year vs. videos that only get 20 or 30 views a year can obviously be adjusted in the Google algorithm)

The second way, and less preferable way is to use existing how-to videos to help explain key concepts on your blog. Usually you will want to wrap your own content around the videos to provide more value and in-depth coverage. For instance, 10 Places to Find How to Videos.

Clearly there are lots of searches for How-to Videos:
how to video
how to video clip
how to videos
As well as…
online video how to
how to video clips

Here is the next step of the How-To Video Process:
how to create a video
• how to make video clips
• how to video stream
• how to convert video
• how to upload video
• how to sell video

Here is a great short seo video from ZDNET, including an simple explanation of siloing and themeing. And here are some video search engine optimization tips from Eric Enge at Stone Temple.

2 responses to “Using How to Videos for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing

  1. The old method of advertising is interactive marketing. The term is misleading. Most people think it means that there is some type of interaction on the part of the person advertised to, and there is. But, it is not conversational. Instead, the advertiser wants you to interact with their campaign in a specific set of steps. Following the call to action and visiting a website for instance. It’s the push to make you do something. Live this image. Buy this now.

    Social Media Marketing is just the opposite. It’s the pull of the tribe. The tribe already has your trust so the actions they take are ones you align with. On a larger scale, it’s the allure of belonging in the group as you take action together. “I am doing this so why don’t you do it with me?” On an individual level, the attraction is to behave the same way to get the same results that benefits your fellow tribeswoman or tribesman. “She looks hot! I want to look hot too. I want to go to her hairstylist” and you do. Social Media Marketing uses the power of attraction.

    While advertising tries to use the same tactic, with a billboard for instance, of a gorgeous woman telling you the benefits of the salon, it doesn’t have the same impact because it’s pushing you to go. It is not pulling you in as a trusted friend. Your friends have your best interests at heart and advertisers do not. Social Media Marketing is based on building trust and that foundation will make Social Media a dominant player in Marketing.

  2. Being an SEO is not easy and there is no one fit formula for different sites. It entails hard work. Thanks for this!

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